Kids' Page

Have your child color their favorite page and bring it in on their next visit! For a printer-friendly, full-size version, click on an image below. Use your browser’s print function to print the page.

Fun Links


Mouth Power

Explore mouthie’s lab and earn all the teeth in your smile to get your certificate of Achievement!

Colgate Kids World 

Explore Colgate® Kids to find toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash for kids, along with teeth and dental games that will make cleaning teeth fun for kids.

MouthHealthy Kids – American Dental Association

Learn how to take care of your child’s teeth! Get advice for parents, fun and educational dental healthactivities for children, videos and more.

… brush for 2 minutes, twice a day. Take the 2min2x Text Challenge! … Keep Kids ‘ Mouths Healthy. Brush 2min2x; Visit a Dentist; Floss Every Day; Use Fluoride.

Sesame Street Toolkit

The Captain on Team Teeth. Song: Open Sesame. The Captain on Healthy Foods. Song: Can’t Go Wrong. Antonio’s Teeth Brushing. Frazzle Visits the Dentist.

Healthy Teeth

A website that not only educates on oral health but has fun activities and games all about teeth for children to learn proper oral care methods.