From preventative to restorative to cosmetic, the dental office of Drs. Wise, Chan, Madison and Cho offer a wide variety of quality services in a competent and caring setting.


Our knowledgeable dentists and staff offer quality care in an efficient and conscientious atmosphere. We also have the newest and latest in painless dentistry. Make an appointment and let us develop a treatment plan suited to you.

Our office provides a variety of preventative services delivered by a competent and experienced staff of dental hygienists and dental assistants. They are current in all the new evolving information available for the care of your oral health.They also offer tobacco and nutrition counseling, flouride for adults, cancer screening and sealants to help prevent cavities.

We provide many ways to restore lost or missing teeth and teeth damaged due to decay or accident. The dental materials we use to restore teeth are tooth colored composites, amalgams ( silver), porcelain and precious or non precious metals. We can change your smile with cosmetic porcelain veneers, porcelain jacket crowns and even with whitening gels.

Our office can provide our patients a full range of services including fixed and removable dentures, over dentures, retainers, bridges, night guards, athletic guards, flippers, sleep apnea appliances and implant replacements.

Our dentists are highly skilled in treating non-vital and infected teeth, saving and restoring them for the patient rather than extraction.

Our dentists are very experienced in a variety of services including extractions of teeth, extraction of roots, root amputation, frenectomies and treating abscesses.

We offer a variety of ways to manage pain and/or uncomfortableness, even during your dental hygiene appointment. We have topical anesthesia, injectable anesthesia and Oraqix, a non-injectable anesthesia that is placed under the gum line. We also can help manage dental sensitivity through fluoride applications, the use of varnishes on the teeth and counseling about what you can do at home. We will use nitrous oxide in cases as needed.